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Nuclear & Power Stations

SIG Construction Accessories specialise in nuclear projects, having been supplying products to Hinkley Point C since the project started and are heavily involved as a primary supplier across multiple packages, and we are currently supplying the Magnox sites across the UK with specialist building materials.


We have acquired the new nuclear standard, ISO 19443:2018 Nuclear Safety accreditation with Lloyds Registrars, and have developed a Compliance Tracking System, ‘SIG Assured,’ to provide our customers complete peace of mind when buying products from us. The system will always be evolving to meet with the fast pace of changing legislation and product development; you can be sure that we have robust processes to track and monitor who is, and which products, are compliant.

At SIG we have a dedicated network of branches featuring temperature-controlled warehouses, and sites supplying nuclear new builds have undertaken nuclear safety culture training, ensuring employees understand the risks involved with supplying a nuclear project.

Our specialist fleet of vehicles are FORS accredited to meet both industry and your specific safety requirements, so you can rest assured that products will arrive safely and on time to meet the demands of your projects.

To keep up with lifetime records after every delivery, SIG upload QRC’s to the main contractor’s online platforms.

Oil & Gas

SIG support projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Petrochemicals keep people in touch, mobile, housed and healthy, they are critical to the UK. Products made from petrochemicals include such items as plastics, soaps and detergents, solvents, drugs, fertilizers, pesticides, explosives, synthetic fibres and rubbers, paints, epoxy resins, and flooring and insulating materials

SIG have an established presence on all sites around the UK, understanding the different activities that take place,

Experience servicing on-shore and off-shore sites, complex scheduling of materials to fulfil shutdown activity

Oil and gas exploration and production mostly takes place in remote and isolated locations with extreme climate conditions. Our Branches understand the sector and delivery requirements, familiar with sites.

Full range of products to support new areas of development and existing maintenance/repair

Engaged with the clients as well as the contractors ensuring full visibility of innovative and sustainable solutions, supporting through design.

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