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Project Support

Within the construction industry each sector requires specialist knowledge and services to ensure products supplied are tailored for your project

Our specialists have a wealth of experience in the Construction Accessories industry, offering services to help achieve your project goals

Concrete Repair & Protection

SIG Construction Accessories are distributors for the largest manufacturers in the concrete repair market, so we can offer you a solution to any concrete repair and protection project you have.

Full design solutions can be offered for both refurbishment and new build concrete repair problems vertically and horizontally, internal and external using cementitious, polyester, resin and epoxy

A full range of construction chemicals available including for concrete curing, formwork release and retarding, dustproofing and hardening

Fire Protection

SIG has key supply chain partnerships with many industry leading manufacturers and a comprehensive stock of products in all categories of Fire Protection.

Slab Edge, Cavity Barriers/Closers

Standard and nonstandard details are available and we are also able to obtain engineering judgments.

Site visits supporting ISG engineers to check installation progress and advise on solutions and issues.

Service Penetration (Combustible & Non-Combustible Services)

A comprehensive stock profile for service penetration through compartmentation walls and floors are available.

Steel Protection & Soffit Lining

Site visits to check installation progress and advise on solutions and issues.

Groundwork Engineering

Our range of civil/groundwork engineering products have been used in the industry for many years, providing solutions for separation, reinforcement, drainage and erosion control used in major civil engineering projects including road, rail and bridges.

Full design service with our supply chain focusing on geotechnical solutions: ground stabilisations, water retention/attenuation, soil stabilisation, & gas protection and more.

On/off-site demonstration on how to install materials, including sample areas.

Site visits supporting ISG engineers to check installation progress, advising on solutions and issues.

Guarantees/warranties can be offered for some applications including PI designs where required.


The teams at SIG Construction Accessories are highly experienced in the brickwork and accessories industry and have supplied a comprehensive range of standard and specialist products to sites, as well as providing a project management, take-off and design service

Our Masonry specialists can provide early design input, specification advice and technical support for all products associated within a masonry wall

We can look at Masonry Support Systems, Masonry Ties and Restraints, Fire Barriers, Cavity Trays, Brick Slip Soffits, Insulation – U Value Calculations, Through Wall Calculations

In addition to this we can also offer product training on the different systems available, design criteria and limitation etc., on-site support, masonry support slab edge surveys and ensure all other ancillary products within the masonry wall are correctly specified and where possible look for cost effective viable alternative solutions

Reinforcement & Formwork

Reinforcement and formwork accessories from SIG Construction Accessories includes Reinforcement Mesh and spacers, Tie Bar Systems, Products for structural concrete, formwork and all the specialist chemicals you need for the successful set up and completion of a project.

A comprehensive stock profile of reinforcing mesh and bar of all grades and diameters/lengths respectively

Specialist Fixings & Tools

At SIG Construction Accessories we stock a variety of specialist fixings across our entire range for bespoke applications. We offer bespoke fixings templates for site use to ensure ease of fixings ordering.

Technical support is available for all fixings applications.

Site pull out tests available nationwide are performed on site to test the “pull out” strength of the fixings to ensure that the loadings are correct.

Site toolbox talks available for all fixings applications. Toolbox talks have previously been done by SIG in conjunction with Rawlplug to ensure that the installers on site are using the correct fixings.

Nail gun training and certification available upon request. Legally, anyone on site who needs use a gas-powered nail gun, must have a training certificate stating that the user has been trained on all aspects. The training covers all health and safety aspects.

Our fixings consultant offers this in-house training on behalf of ITW Paslode

Mask Fitting: Face Fit training and certification available for all employees.

Legally, everyone who works on site who makes or is working in a dust environment must have a certificate stating that the mask they are using is suitable for purpose, this is ascertained by testing the mask under stringent working conditions.


There are many forms of waterproofing used to protect structures from water ingress. We pride ourselves on stocking a full range of products suitable for any solution including Sheet Membranes, Liquid Applied, Cavity Drainage, Cementitious Coatings and all accessories to go with these systems.

Full design service and solutions offered for both pre and post applied waterproofing membranes, sheet, liquid and plaster based, and gas protection, gas barriers, gas membranes and liquid gas membranes.

On/off-site demonstrations on how to install materials including sample areas.

Site visits to check installation progress and advise on solutions and issues.

Guarantees/warranties can be offered for some applications.

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