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Structural Waterproofing

Our availability of Structural Waterproofing products includes Cementitious Waterproof Membranes, Bentonite Membrane and Carpet, Cavity Systems, Post/Pre-applicaed Membranes, Liquid Applied, Waterstops, and a wide range of accessories for these systems.


Waterstops and waterplugs are used wherever waterproofing membranes are and common applications include anywhere which needs to prevent water infiltration or retain water.

SIG Construction Accessories supply Bentonite and Hydrophyllic water stops, and Metal Water Bar Systems.

PVC Water Bar Systems are available off the shelf, with bespoke sizes available for special applications such as reservoirs, dams and locks, and water treatment and power plants.

Key suppliers include SIKA, Fosroc and GCP

Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Liquid applied structural waterproofing products can be applied to surfaces by rolling, brushing or spraying and are suitable for use in a range of areas which would be difficult to treat with traditional membranes such as pile terminations, internal corners and around piping, to ensure the waterproofing is continuous.

Liquid Additive Waterproofing products are designed to improve mortars for waterproofing repairs and can also be used as a bonding agent for applications such as tiling. The products can be added to screeds, renders and repair mortars for bonding and waterproofing purposes.

Post/Pre-applied Membranes

Many of the membranes we stocked at SIG Construction Accessories are self-adhesive or pre-applied. As well as membranes, you can also choose from a range of accessories such as tapes, boards and mesh.

Suppliers include: SIKA, Fosroc, Visqueen, RIW and GCP.

Cavity Systems

Cavity Systems act as a drainage system for especially wet applications, redirecting water and providing protection.

Suppliers include: SIKA, Fosroc, Visqueen, RIW and GCP.

Bentonite Membrane & Carpet

SIG Construction Accessories stock Bentonite Membrane & Carpet and ancilliary products such as powder, paste and granules.

When the substance comes into contact with water, it converts from a dry clay to an impenetrable waterproof gel, providing a continuous mechanical bond to concrete. Common applications include use under structural slabs, sheet piling, tunnels and concrete walls.

Key manufacturers include: Sika, Fosroc and RIW.

Cementitious Waterproof Membrane Accessories

SIG Construction Accessories Cementitious Waterproof Membrane Accessories include applicators such as Trowels, floats, and other plastering tool, as well as a wide stock of tools for any construction job.

Cementitious Waterproof Membranes

SIG Construction Accessories stock a number of well-known cementitious waterproofing solutions which are easy to mix and apply. SIKA’s three-part system is ready to use and gives a good finish in preparation for paint or wallpaper, primarily used in domestic applications.
Our products are regularly used in repair projects as a repair mortar for concrete and masonry and many of the products we stock can be applied by trowel for a paintable finish, brush or spray and offer rapid hardening, saving you time and money on a project.
Key suppliersinclude: Sika, RIW and GCP.

Structural Waterproofing Accessories

SIG Construction Accessories supply of Structural Waterproofing Accessories includes: Admixtures, Cavity System Accessories, Liquid Applied Accessories, Membrane Accessories, Primers, Protection Boards, Sealants & Adhesives, Tapes & Mesh, Waterproofing Fixings and Waterproofing Tools.

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