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Site Safety

SIG Construction Accessories site safety products include site start/set up equipment and signage, testing equipment and PPE with the option to brand signage and PPE. Workwear is available from recognised brands, with high-consumption products such as gloves and facemasks readily available.

Marshalltown Tools

SIG Construction Accessories are a specialist distributor of products for Masonry, Groundworks, Geotechnical, Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and Technical Fixings.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best products including specialist tools from leading manufacturers like Marshalltown Tools.

Safety Products

Site safety is paramount, with PPE and consumables of the utmost importance.

At SIG Construction Accessories we have access to well-known brands of workwear, jackets, overalls, trousers, boots, etc. with options for brand customisation if required.

Consumables and high-turnover products such as gloves and masks are also available.

Kitchen Protection

SIG Construction Accessories Kitchen Protection products include worktop protectors such as Megashield 625, a slip-resistant product that can be printed with your branding (subject to minimum order quantity).

Internal Protection

SIG Construction Accessories stock protective products and ancillaries for use throughout the build including:

Appliance Protectors, Bin Liners, Bubblemask, Building Papers, Cable Ties, Corrugated Cardboard, Cushionshield, Dust Sheets, Edgeguards, Fire Surround Protectors, Furniture Protection Bags, Hose Clips, Insect Mesh, Ockprop, Overshoes and Automatic Dispensers, Rubble Sacks, Sisalkraft Building Papers, Staple Guns, Window Frame Packers and Zip Doors.

External Protection

External Protection products are available from SIG Construction Accessories specialist branch network for both construction and demolition.

Products include: Artstone Protection, Blackout Film, Debris Netting, Demolition Glass Film, Evo Site Barriers, Glass Protection Film, Hessian Frost Protection, Lay Flat Tubing / Rainwater Downpipes, Manhole Covers, Mortar Tubs, Standard and Flame Retardant Polythene Film, Protectoglaze, Scaffold Sheeting, Scaffold Toggles, General Purpose Tarpaulins and Vented Sheeting.

Ancillary Products

Throughout the build a variety of cleaning/janitorial products will be required to maintain the finish of the final product.

SIG Construction Accessories offer a complete range of janitorial products for all aspects of the site.

Site Start Up

SIG Construction Accessories offer a complete range of site start up/set up products for any size build, from freestanding display boards to testing equipment and grit bins. Safety products include lens/eye wash stations, bespoke signage and fire protection equipment.

SIG Construction Accessories range of testing equipment for concrete and cement includes cube molds, slump cones, thermometer and moisture meters.

Key suppliers include: RAMS Boards and Ockwells.

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