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At SIG Construction Accessories we have a comprehensive range of reinforcement products including continuity systems, rebar and mesh, spacers, dowels and screed rail systems, and tying wire.

Tying Wire

All general stock items in tying wire available ex-stock in all SIG Construction Accessories branches, including Stainless Tie Wire, Double Loop Tie, Tying Wire, and Tying Wire Dispenser/Cutters.

Structural Concrete Products

Continuity systems are designed to maintain continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete.

SIG Construction Accessories hold stock of Couplers in standard sizes/diameters, with Balcony Connectors, Coupler & Connector, Edge Trim, Reinforcement Continuity Systems and Shear Reinforcement available to order in a variety of sizes/shapes.

Key suppliers: Ancon and Schock available.

Screed Rail System

SIG Construction Accessories supply Screed Rail Systems including Aluminium Tubing, Concrete and Metal Screed Rails, and Plastic and Metal Screed Chairs available in a variety of heights/sizes.

Common plastic systems are stocked in SIG Construction Accessories branches.

Reinforcement Spacers

SIG Construction Accessories have a comprehensive range of plastic spacers including general purpose clip-on spacers and spacers suitable for more specialist uses such as for use with ground floor slabs and heavy duty clips for bottom reinforcement.

The full range includes: A-frame Hychair, Circular Mesh Spacer, Concrete Spacer, Concrete Square/Rectangle/Triangle Bar, Grade Plate Spacer, Pile Cage Spacer, Plastic Dome Spacer, Plastic Quick Spacer, Plastic Support Spacer, Plastic Tower Spacer, Plastic Wheel Spacer, Plastic Zig-Zag Spacer, Tric Trac Spacer, Wire Flat Top Hychair, Wire Hoop Spacer, and Wire Snake Spacer.

Reinforcement Shims

SIG Construction Accessories stock plastic Reinforcement Shims with metal Reinforcement Shims available to order, both in a variety of thicknesses in slotted or solid forms.

Reinforcement Mesh

SIG Construction Accessories standard fabric reinforcement feature wire intersections which have been resistance welded and the reinforcements are available in a huge variety of sizes.

Many of the options for fabric reinforcement can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

We stock standard sheets and merchant sizes are available to order. Availability includes mild and stainless steels for specialist applications.

Rebar Inc Cut & Bent

SIG Construction Accessories stock standard 6-3m lengths or rebar in 10, 12, 16, and 20mm.

Cut & bent bar schedules and shapes are available, speak to your local SIG Construction Accessories branch for more details.

Dowels and Reinforcement

SIG Construction Accessories stock of Dowels includes mild steel and stainless steel dowel bars, and dowel bar cradles to name but a few.

Stainless steels are made to order in grades 304 + 316. Mild Steel bars are available out of stock. The range also includes accessories such as sleeves, caps and de-bonding compounds.

Lockable Dowels enable movement during the initial phase of a concrete frame and, once the concrete is set, the dowels are locked in position but continues to transfer shear load.

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