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Masonry Fixings & Accessories

SIG Construction Accessories Masonry Fixings and Accessories cover everything needed from Bolt and Steel Frame Fixings to Tools and Fillers.

Marshalltown Tools

SIG Construction Accessories are a specialist distributor of products for Masonry, Groundworks, Geotechnical, Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and Technical Fixings.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best products including specialist tools from leading manufacturers like Marshalltown Tools.

Masonry Accessories

Masonry accessories cover a wide variety of tools, fixings, brickwork site protection, and expansion joint fillers.

SIG Construction Accessories Masonry tools include trowels, floats and hand support tools.

Brickwork Joint Filler is a closed cell polyethylene foam joint filler which can be provided in a roll, sheet or strip for ease of use and are suitable for use with brickwork joints and concrete slab construction.

SIG Construction Accessories also have access to retaining clips for insulation and debonding sleeves for use with wall tie systems.

Masonry Fixings

SIG Construction Accessories have access to a wide range of Bolt Fixings and Steel Frame Fixings for securing channels to the concrete.

Sealants and Coatings

SIG Construction Accessories concrete repair range of sealants and coatings covers a huge range of applications including horizontal, vertical, internal, external, small and large repairs, from fire protection to cleaning materials for brick and concrete.

Specialist applications such as underwater, ceilings and fast-setting products for high priority areas are covered, with products suitable from thin cracks to large-volume areas, sloping areas, and applications subject to vibration from machinery.

Sealants, joint fillers and chemicals add the finishing touches to projects, ensuring that the job is safe, secure and has a professional finish.

To complement SIG Construction Accessories range of sealants we also supply filler boards and corks including closed cell polyethylene in sheets, strips and cords, fibreboard in sheets and strips and bitumen cork in sheets.

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